Looking Your Best for the Play-offs! With the divisional play-offs happening in March of 2020, John Curtis Christian School in Louisiana wanted their gym floor looking its best. Previously, in December of 2019, Sport Kote® PC had been applied to their gym floor. Since that time the gym floor had been used in many different ways, from basketball to PE class and even doubling as a multi-purpose room for everything under the sun. This gym floor had taken its share of abuse. Thankfully they had used Sport Kote PC which is easily restorable to a like-new gloss. Our Essential Representative recommended burnishing the floor with Citrus Scrub ‘N Shine using a propane burnisher to make the gloss pop. They were ready to go! Sport Kote PC and Citrus Scrub ‘N Shine work together to keep your floors safe, durable and looking great. According to the Athletic Director, Johnny Curtis, this is the best finish they’ve ever used on their gym floor. He was very impressed with how well it held up given that the floor is used for a variety of things every day. Another success story!

The Sport Kote® PC System keeps delivering!
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