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Essential offers a comprehensive solution for all of your school maintenance needs. While we are known for our floor care expertise, we also offer cost-effective, labor-saving solutions for other areas of your school facilities including restrooms, offices, kitchens, cafeterias, locker rooms and more.

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“We now use G2 Green Finish in all 87 of our schools.” - Brian L. Hoover

You no longer have to sacrifice performance to meet green standards. Essential Industries’ G2 Green Finish will astound you with its performance. From its ease of application (and low odor) to its brilliant gloss and unmatched durability, you will swear you are applying a non-green, high performance coating in your school.

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Treat your gym floor with the respect it deserves.

Using our Sport Kote System guarantees the Sport Kote Promise - 2 people, 5 hours, allowing you to play on the floor the next day. These specially designed products ensure you’ll get at least a year of outstanding performance; extending the life of your gym floor. This ultimately saves you money in time, labor and maintenance costs.

From Seal to Prep to Finish to Maintenance, the Sport Kote System offers exceptional performance and significant savings through innovation.

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