Are limited resources forcing your staff to do more with less?

Let’s face it: floor care maintenance is tricky. Your clients want safe, beautiful floors in as little time as possible for as little money as possible. With X-Coat™ Nano floor care products from Essential Industries you’ll get faster cure times and greater durability to extend your scrub and recoat and strip cycles.

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Is your total cost to clean in labor and supplies too high?

Our EMax line of equipment and concentrated products will help you bring your costs down without sacrificing quality. Our dilution rates are lower than many of our competitors, so you will need less concentrated product to make the same amount of ready-to-use product. The savings are substantial!

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Is your staff trained on best-practice cleaning processes?

Essential is training focused. From on-site demonstrations and support to online how-to videos and training materials, we make training your staff a priority. For more information on training opportunities, contact a sales rep by filling out the form below.

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