Blue Concentrate Before During and After, to repair Ice melter

It’s that time of year when snow and ice are creeping into our daily lives, and in order to keep outdoor walkways safe, we sprinkle ice melt (otherwise known as calcium chloride) onto these surfaces.

If you live in the Northern climate of the USA, you are keenly aware of the fact that this ice melt gets tracked inside on your shoes, causing the floors to become dull and slippery. Cleaning this residue can be tricky given the chemistry of the salt, and mopping with your everyday floor cleanser just won’t cut it. These ineffective cleaners are typically neutral in nature and do not have enough power to remove the salt once it has dried onto the floor.

Essential Industries’ Blue Concentrate is the exception to this rule. While it is gentle enough to use as a daily cleaner, it also contains highly effective chelating agents that specifically attract the calcium ions making up the salt, lift them from the floor and keep them in solution. They are then able to be rinsed off of the floor. This helps to keep your floors clean and residue free. Blue Concentrate is also UL Classified for slip resistance.