Your demanding needs require advanced floor care products.

Whether your staff maintains your floors or you use a contractor, you can’t afford to waste valuable downtime on floor maintenance. Our X-Coat™ Nano System provides slip resistance, durability, and mark and soil resistance all in a low-emissions, ammonia-free formula, while drying in 15 to 20 minutes.

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“Essential’s X-Coat™ Nano is the ultimate floor finish and has made all other products pale in comparison. The dry time between coats is second to none; the shine makes you feel as if you are on a skating rink. We have had nothing but positive feedback from our customers who have received this floor finish saying it looks amazing."

Matthew Crawley
Provost Building Services, Inc., Golden Valley, MN

Different systems for different needs...

Your demanding needs require advanced floor care products. From low maintenance facilities that buff their floors only once or twice a month to grocery stores that buff their floors every day, Essential has a floor care system to fit your needs. Let us show you how our product systems will enhance your floor care immediately.

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