The Sport Kote System

Our Sport Kote®  PC System is unmatched by the competition!

Sport Kote® PC is a top player in the wood finish market with its revolutionary polycarbonate technology that provides amazing scratch resistance, scuff resistance, durability, depth of gloss and gloss longevity.

Your wood floor prep, application and maintenance will be greatly improved with this reliable and versatile team of supporting products.

Sport Kote® PC

Water-Based Urethane Wood Finish

Incorporates revolutionary polycarbonate technology, offering increased depth, extended gloss and extreme durability.

Product Code: 128SF
Sport Kote® PC Product Photo

Citrus Scrub ‘N Shine

High Speed Cleaner and Restorer

Use on all resilient, stone and wood floors that are finished to restore to like-new gloss while raising the slip co-efficient.

Product Code: 525FR
Sport Kote® PC Product Photo

Blue Concentrate

Heavy-Duty, No-Rinse Cleaner

Free-rinsing, non-dulling, and low foam all surface cleaner.

Product Code: 2085FC

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