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Pantheon Concrete Sealer

Durable Sealer for Interior Concrete Floors

  • Easy to apply and dries fast
  • Single-part system
  • Low VOC’s
  • Wet adhesion properties
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Resistant to acids, bases and stains
  • Eliminates cow pathing and scuffing
  • Non-blushing, non-yellowing

Product Code: 273CF

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Safety Data Sheets


Durable Sealer for Interior Concrete Floors

Easy to apply and dries fast.


Safety Data Sheets


Durable Sealer for Interior Concrete Floors

Easy to apply and dries fast.



  • Type – Acrylic Emulsion
  • Form – Opaque Liquid
  • Odor – Bland
  • Color – White
  • Film Clarity– Clear
  • Weight per Gallon – 8.55 Lbs.
  • pH – 8.0
  • Floor Solids – 25%
  • Viscosity (CPS) – <20 CPS
  • Storage Stability – Min. 1 Year
  • Freeze/Thaw – Protect From Freezing
  • V.O.C. – <1%
  • Slip Resistance – UL Classified

Chemical Resistance

1 Hour Test, 1 Hour Recovery

  • 10W30 Synthetic Oil – No Effect
  • 10W30 Motor Oil – No Effect
  • Silicone Brake Fluid – No Effect
  • Kerosene – No Effect
  • Coke – No Effect
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid – No Effect
  • Vinegar – No Effect
  • 90 Weight Gear Oil – No Effect
  • Gasoline – No Effect
  • Diesel Fuel – No Effect
  • Hydraulic Fluid – No Effect
  • Windshield Fluid – Slight softening, recovers
  • 1:1 Ethylene Glycol/Water – Slight softening, recovers
  • E85 (85% Ethanol:15% Gasoline) – Slight softening, recovers



Protect people, vehicles, property, plants and all surfaces not set to receive Pantheon Concrete Sealer from product, splash and wind drift. Use polyethylene or other protective material.

Pantheon Concrete Sealer may be applied to existing, cured concrete of any age. Surfaces must be clean and structurally sound. Remove all foreign materials including bond breakers, curing agents, surface grease and oil, and construction debris using the appropriate surface prep cleaner.

Follow cleaning with thorough water rinsing.

Neutralize and rinse acid-stained concrete before applying. Application may begin as soon as prepared surfaces are dry.

Surface and Air Temperatures: For application should be 50-100°F (10-38°C).

Equipment: Apply with an airless sprayer, a pour can and flat mop, or a heavyweight T-bar. DO NOT use a string mop.

NOTE: For stripping and maintaining asbestos containing flooring, follow OSHA or EPA guidelines.

ALWAYS TEST each surface for suitability and results before overall application.

Dilution & Mixing: Apply as packaged. Do not dilute or alter, or use other than as specified. Mix well before use.

Typical Coverage Rates: Variations in surface texture, concrete quality, porosity, job-site conditions, temperature and relative humidity affect coverage and drying. The following figures are for estimating only.

Estimated Coverage Rates

  • 400-800 square feet per gallon
  • 10-20 square meters per Liter

Calculating Project-Specific Target Coverage Rate

  1. Prepare a clean, dry and absorbent test area.
  2. Place one gallon of Pantheon into a clean pour can. Use the following Application Instructions. Repeat as needed for the desired finish.
  3. Measure the test area and the amount of Pantheon Concrete Sealer applied to get the Target Coverage Rate per gallon. Protect the completed test area from moisture for at least 4 hours.


The product may be applied to broomed, steel troweled, honed, polished or highly polished interior concrete surfaces.

  1. If applying with a flat mop, lightly wet a clean microfiber pad with Pantheon Concrete Sealer, leaving the pad damp.
  2. Spray-apply or use a pour can to apply Pantheon to the surface in a bead. Spread with a flat mop and damp microfiber pad or a heavyweight T-bar. Work from one control joint to another.
  3. Maintain a thin, even coating and wet edge. Stop spreading once drying begins. Do not overlap. Rinse mop between coats.
  4. Allow to dry tack free, typically 20-40 minutes.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4. Two coats minimum for stain protection. 3-4 coats for high gloss results.


  1. Spray-apply at a rate of 200 sq. ft. per gallon.
  2. If desired, for a more uniform appearance, use a roller applicator with ½-inch nap.

Protect from water for 4 hours. At 72°F (22°C) and 40% relative humidity, product dry times are:

  • To Touch: 30-60 minutes
  • Light Foot Traffic: 4 hours
  • Normal traffic: overnight

The product gains its full stain repellency properties in 7 days.

Cleanup: Before the product dries, clean tools and equipment with fresh water.

See label directions and SDS for complete usage and safety instructions.


Product Code Sizes UPC Code Pack Size (inches) Cube (ft) Pack Wt. (lbs) Full Pallet
273CF-D55 55 Gallon Drum 783366273003 24 x 34 10.41 492.9 4
273CF-5GP 5 Gallon Pail 783366273058 12 x 14 1.17 45.8 36
  • Product Code: 273CF-D55
  • Sizes: 55 Gallon Drum
  • UPC Code: 783366273003
  • Pack Size (inches): 24 x 34
  • Cube (ft): 10.41
  • Pack Wt. (lbs): 492.9
  • Full Pallet: 4
  • Product Code: 273CF-5GP
  • Sizes: 5 Gallon Pail
  • UPC Code: 783366273058
  • Pack Size (inches): 12 x 14
  • Cube (ft): 1.17
  • Pack Wt. (lbs): 45.8
  • Full Pallet: 36