Captain Essential to the rescue!!! Captain Essential stands tall and says, "It's my mission to cover the world in Gloss!! Saving Money and Labor for Everyone!!! [We then see the captain going to a tech company.] "But where to start... At an office!!!" he then exclaims. As he walks in he hears a staff member say, "Our budget-priced finish has weak gloss and durability, and the fumes are really strong! It makes this work more difficult." We then get Captain Essential flying in with an announcement, "Essential Industries can reverse that problem and make it E Z, with EZ Gloss!!!" The staff member, surprised, calls out, "Captain Essential!! EZ Gloss has strong gloss and durability yet has mild odor? How?" The captain then explains, "Other LESSER floor finishes often contain ammonia, which impairs gloss build and increases odor! EZ Gloss is ammonia-free!" Later: "EZ Gloss made this job easier with less odor to deal with! The floor looks great, too!" said the staff member. Captain Essential then takes the mask he was holding and replies, "You won't need this anymore..." He then flies off and informs the staff member and all to: "Contact Essential to see how EZ Gloss can make your work less smelly and your floors more glossy! Off to cover the world in more Gloss!!!"

Captain Essential is on a MISSION to save you money and labor with Essential’s newest floor finish – EZ Gloss!

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