USDA Authorizations

A1General cleaning agents for all surfaces in all areas; also for steam cleaners and mechanical cleaning devices.
A2Soak tank cleaners, steam cleaners and mechanical cleaners in all areas.
A3Acid cleaners for use in all areas.
A4Floor and wall cleaners for use in all areas.
A5Floor and wall cleaners for use in subfreezing temperature areas.
A7Metal cleaners and polishes for non-food contact surfaces.
A8Degreasers and carbon removers for cooking and smoking equipment, utensils and related surfaces.
B1Laundry compounds for fabric that may contact food.
C1Cleaning compounds for all surfaces in inedible processing areas,non-processing areas and exterior areas.
C2Compounds for use in toilets and/or dressing rooms.
C3Paint removers for use in non-processing areas.
D1Sanitizers for all surfaces always requiring a rinse.
D2Sanitizers for all surfaces not always requiring a rinse.
E1Handwashing compounds for use in all areas.
E2Handwashing and sanitizing compounds.
E4Hand creams, lotions and cleaners.
F1Non-residual pesticides for use in areas other than edible product processing areas.
F2Residual pesticides for use in areas other than edible product processing areas.
G6Compounds for treating boilers and steam lines where steam may contact edible products, cooling systems where treated water may not contact edible products.
G7Compounds for treating boilers, steam lines and cooling systems where steam and water may not contact edible products.
H1Lubricants with incidental food contact.
H2Lubricants with no food contact.
K1Solvents and solvent degreasers for use in non-processing areas.
K2Solvents for cleaning electronic instruments.
K3Adhesive or glue removers.
L1Compounds for use in sewage and/or drain lines.
L2Enzymatic compounds for use in sewer and/or drain lines.
P1Compounds requiring letter indicating authorized use.