Resilient Floor Care

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X-Coat Nano System Brochure

This 4-color brochure explains the patented nano technology behind X-Coat Nano along with highlighting the nano floor care products system containing cleaners, a restorer and a stripper that optimize the X-Coat Nano finish.

Code Number: 90000BNANO
(for printed version)

Green Essence Brochure

This 4-color brochure highlights Essential’s four green floor care products and their environmental profiles.

Code Number: 90000BFGC28
(for printed version)

Floor Maintenance Systems Brochure

This 4-color brochure contains a short explanation of each maintenance systm – No-Buff, Spray Buff, Weekly Burnish and Daily Burnish – and the products that fit under each.

Code Number: 90000BFM20
(for printed version)

Safety Brochure

This 4-color brochure explains Essential’s commitment to floor safety and lists tips on how to keep your floors safe.

Code Number: 90000BFM24
(for printed version)