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Daily Restroom Cleaner #43

Super Concentrate

  • Green Seal™ GS-37 certified.
  • Environmentally-responsible, non-acid formula.
  • Superior, safe cleaning of all restroom surfaces. Use with confidence on porcelain, ceramic, chrome, Formica, stainless steel and plastic.

Product Code: 2743SC

 Green Seal Certified Full Color

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Super Concentrate

Superior, safe cleaning. Use with confidence on restroom surfaces.


Super Concentrate

Superior, safe cleaning. Use with confidence on restroom surfaces.


Additional Features

  • This powerful spray and wipe cleaner quickly cuts tough grease, oil and grime.
  • Great for cleaning countertops, displays, appliances, Formica, furniture, plastic, metal and other hard surfaces.
  • Dries fast to prevent streaking and resoiling.
  • Pleasant fragrance leaves behind a crisp, herbal aroma.


  • Type – Non-Acid, Detergent-Based
  • Form – Clear Liquid
  • Color – Pink
  • Odor – Floral
  • pH – 7.1 – 8.1
  • pH Use Dilution (1:32) – 7.1
  • Hard Water Tolerance – >20 Grains
  • Specific Gravity – 1.04 gm/ml
  • Shelf Life – Minimum 1 Year
  • Freeze/Thaw – Passes 3 Cycles
  • Viscosity – <20 cps.
  • Use Dilution – 1:32 (4 oz./gal.)

* Properties are typical and subject to usual manufacturing tolerances.

Ready To Use Directions

Dilute Daily Restroom Cleaner 1:32 (4 ounces per gallon) with cold water.
Spray or wipe with cloth saturated with cleaner, covering entire soiled area. Agitate as necessary and rinse with water. Wipe dry with a clean, soft cloth.

Read label before use. Keep out of the reach of children. If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand.

Dispose of contents and container in accordance with all local, regional, national and international regulations. Please recycle container.

See label directions and SDS for complete usage and safety instructions.


Product Code Sizes UPC Code Pack Size (inches) Cube (ft) Pack Wt. (lbs) Full Pallet
2743-EHG4 4 x Half Gallon 783366274376 10.5 x 8 x 10.25 0.5 18.8 100
  • Product Code: 2743-EHG4
  • Sizes: 4 x Half Gallon
  • UPC Code: 783366274376
  • Pack Size (inches): 10.5 x 8 x 10.25
  • Cube (ft): 0.5
  • Pack Wt. (lbs): 18.8
  • Full Pallet: 100