Captain Essential To the Rescue!!! The clients of Essential Industries are talking to each other. "I just spoke to a new customer who needs more information about our products." Exasperated, the other client says, " Now what do we do? Thanks to Essential we have the great labels but..." The first client then interrupts her and says, "I know who can help us!" as he calls this sales representative from Essential Industries. The sales representative answers the phone and exclaims, "Got it! I'm on my way!" as he then enters the janitor's closet. (ZAP) Captain Essential appears with a private brand literature page. "You can AMAZE them with marketing literature in YOUR brand look!" The client, befuddled says, "CAPTAIN ESSENTIAL! But we can't afford to hire a design agency to do that for us!" Captain Essential always to the rescue says, "FEAR NOT!! Essential's in-house design team makes it EASY for you!" As we see one of our designers coming up with an idea for the next private brand look, Captain Essential continues, "Just let our sales rep know what you need and our designers will set it all up in YOUR own AMAZING unique brand look!" The clients are ecstatic with this news. "Great! Now we have top-notch sell sheets, brochures and flyers for our products! Our customers will be impressed!" With that, Captain Essential knows he has done well and starts to fly off and says, "For more information on how Essential can make private branding EASY, just contact your Sales Representative!" He then exclaims, "OFF TO HELP OTHERS!"

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