Captain Essential To the Rescue!!! Clients of Essential Industries are talking to one of their sales representatives. "We need help! A new distributor opened up down the street with products similar to ours!" Asking the representative, "How do we keep them from cutting into our business?" The representative slowly moves to the janitor's closet and states, "I'd say THIS looks like a job for..." (ZAP) Captain Essential appears and says, "You can AMAZE them with your own unique brand!!" Captain Essential flies out of the janitor's closet. One of the clients, looking amazed, says, "Captain Essential! Private Branding seems way too complex for us!" "BALDERDASH!! Essential Industries makes it EASY!" Captain Essential exclaims, "First, Essential will design AMAZING labels in your own unique look! Then, choose which Essential products you want in your own brand!" He then continues, "Essential can also create literature and training pieces in your brand look!" The clients look astounded at the news. "WOW! Essential really makes it easy to develop our own brand! Our customers won't even remember that place down the street! How do we get started?" Captain Essential pulls out his phone and says, "Just contact your Essential Sales Representative. It's that easy!"

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