Floor Safety


As an international manufacturer and marketer of floor care systems, Essential Industries is aware that a floor’s safety underfoot is as important as its appearance. That’s why Essential provides great-looking, low total cost floor care systems that are safe underfoot.


What does Essential do to keep your floors safe?
  1. Every floor finish we supply is slip-tested to conform to ASTM D2047 standards.
  2. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) slip resistance classification throughout our product line provides a comprehensive floor care system under which ALL products are slip-tested, including: finishes, seals, restorers, cleaners and dust mop treatments.
As a user of Essential floor care products, what support will Essential provide if a slip and fall does occur in one of your locations?
  • Expert witnesses and legal consulting available in North America.
  • Slip tests with our James Machine to confirm that a suspect product is slip-resistant.
  • Documentation that a given product has been classified slip-resistant by Underwriters Laboratories.
What helps prevent slips and falls?
  • Commitment by management to reduce slips and falls through their approval of proper floor care products and support of a good maintenance program.
  • Training of all employees to look for and eliminate potential slip and fall hazards.
  • Using only ASTM/UL-tested products throughout your facilities.
  • Follow good maintenance procedures that include: frequent dust mopping, maintaining walk-off mats, proper signage (wet floor, etc.), spot mopping spills and water immediately, regular cleaning and restoring and frequent burnishing.