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X-Coat Nano and Neutral Germicidal – Demo Story (Test)


Caring for Others with Essential Floor Care

A nursing home in Northern Alabama was struggling with their floor care and disinfectant programs.
They had questions about their cleaning and disinfection programs dealing with Covid-19. They were misled and sold a product from a company that wasn’t on the EPA’s N-list. This was only one of their many concerns. They were also told that this product was good for all surfaces and would not cause harm to any finished surfaces including finished floors and finished wood furniture.
When walking the facility, we noticed the floors were extremely dull and sticky and the finish on their wooden furniture was cracking and peeling. We needed to do something to help get this facility back up to par. Our first step was to help them deep scrub their floors and apply our X-Coat™ Nano finish. After bringing the shine back to the floors, we supplied them with our Neutral Germicidal Cleaner and provided proof that this product is on the EPA’s N-list to be used against SARS-CoV 2. Because of it’s low pH of 7, it can be used on any finished surface (including floors) without dulling or causing harm.
Not only did we ensure that their disinfection program was in line with EPA and CDC guidelines, but we also custom tailored a program for them utilizing our unique chemistries and industry knowledge.
Their facility is now safe, clean, and shiny, and a beacon of pride once again.
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