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Sport Kote PC Demo Story (Test)

Wood Floor - Shine

Rao’s Italian Restaurant – Hollywood, CA

The customer, Rao’s Italian Restaurant, was having major slip co-efficiency issues with their wood floor. They were having so many problems that the wait staff no longer felt comfortable carrying trays of food to the tables. Enter Essential Industries’ Reps. They came in and followed their normal procedure for wood floors and it took only five hours to prep the floor and lay down Sport Kote® PC. The wait staff was back serving customers in the restaurant only 12 hours later. They couldn’t have been happier! And with Sport Kote PC being UL-classified for slip resistance, the slip issues were resolved as well. They now feel safe on the floor AND love the look.

Products Used:
• Sport Kote® PC
• Citrus Scrub ‘N Shine
• Blue Concentrate
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