High Gloss Gym Floor with deep shine and reflection in red

Essential Industries is a member of The Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA) and has certification for several of our sports floor care products.

MFMA helps the wood sports flooring industry by providing information and technical assistance including grade standards, guide specifications, best management practices, and floor care recommendations for wood sports flooring sealers and finishes.

Sports floor care products must be tested by a third party lab according to the MFMA specifications. The products that conform to the specification requirements are certified by MFMA and listed on their website as products that help to achieve the highest protection and most enduring beauty of wood floors.

Essential’s certified products are listed in the categories below:

Group 1 – Sealers

Sport Seal (226SF)

Water-based sealers shall contain no significant amount of solvent within their chemical composition and also provide adequate surface penetration and slight surface build.

OMU Wood Seal (230SF)

Oil-based sealers shall include all solvent-based materials of low to intermediate solids content that will also provide adequate surface penetration and slight surface build.

Group 3 – Gymnasium Oil-Based Type (Surface) Finishes

40% Gym Finish (293SF)

Provides little penetration and good surface film build-up. These materials are intended for maximum service under heavy traffic.

Group 5 – Water-Based Finishes

Sport Kote® (222SF)

Sport Kote® PC (128SF)

Provides adequate penetration and surface film build-up along with being flammable and low odor.

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