Restroom Manual - Daily Maintenance

Restroom Care Manual

Daily Restroom Maintenance.

Step 1: Assemble Supplies and Safety Equipment

Important: Be sure to wear safety glasses and protective gloves when using chemicals. Some or all of this equipment may be necessary to do the job thoroughly:

Clean Cloths
Clean Sponges
Broom and Dustpan
Trash Can Liners
Blue Window Cleaner (#103)
Clinging Bowl Cleaner (#2841)
Micro-Digestant (#365)
Quat 44 (#2318)
Creme Cleanser (#1505)

Step 2: Place Caution Signs
Place Out-Of-Service and/or Wet Floor Sign in front of door.

Step 3: Restock Paper Products
Restock all paper products including hand towels and toilet tissue.

Step 4: Refill Dispensers

Refill any empty soap dispenser. Check the air freshener dispenser to ensure that it's releasing fragrance. Refill, if necessary.

Step 5: Toilet Bowls and Urinals
Push the water over the toilet traps with a bowl swab. Apply
Clinging Bowl Cleaner (#2841) evenly around toilet bowls and urinals and scrub with a bowl swab.

Step 6: Prespray Fixtures

Sinks, countertops, chrome, porcelain, toilets, toilet seats, urinals and fixture handles should be presprayed with Quat 44 (#2318). Let stand for 10 minutes. Heavily soiled sinks and countertops should be cleaned first with Creme Cleanser (#1505).

Step 7: Clean Mirrors
All mirrors, windows and glass should be cleaned with Blue Window Cleaner (#103).

Step 8: Spray and Wipe Hard Surfaces

Hand dryers, dispenser handles, door handles and push plates, light switches, and baby changing stations should be sprayed with Quat 44 (#2318) and wiped dry with a clean cloth.

Step 9: Return to Fixtures

Working from top down, return to fixtures and countertops that were previously sprayed with Quat 44 (#2318). Wipe toilet seats, toilet exterior, urinals, chrome, sinks and countertops and dry with a clean cloth.

Step 10: Walls and Partitions
Spot clean walls and partitions with Quat 44 (#2318). Heavily soiled walls and partitions should be cleaned with #8 Spray Cleaner (#2204).

Step 11: Sweep Floor
Use toy or angle broom to sweep corners and other hard-to-reach areas. Scrape gum from floor with putty knife. Consolidate soil and dispose of it in trash container.

Step 12: Remove Trash
Empty all trash containers. Be sure to pick up debris behind the container. Clean the exterior of the trash can with Quat 44 (#2318). Once a week clean the interior with Quat 44.

Step 13: Mop Floor
Place wet floor sign at entrance of restroom. Mop the floor with Quat 44 (#2318). Heavily soiled floors should be mopped with all purpose cleaner.

Step 14: Clean Drains

One night per week, pour 4 to 8 ounces of Micro-Digestant (#365) down each sink drain, urinal and floor drain.